Juarez! Somos Tus Jovenes!

This project was part of Clinicas de Hip Hop, a collaboration between 656 Comics, Colectivo Fundamental and Biblioteca Independiente Ma’Juana and funded by the US Consulate.

In June of 2012, I was invited by 656 Comics (a visual narrative collective) and Colectivo Fundamental (a hip-hop collective) to teach a series of graffiti and muralism workshops and facilitate the execution of a large mural at Puente Reves in the center of the city. Here, I piloted the Inheritance Process under the title of “Que lo Quiero” workshops. Every morning for a week, I met with the promoters of Colectivo Fundamental, who are young men aged 17-30 that serve as mentors and teachers of youth from the colonias. Then, in the afternoon, some of them joined me to meet with their mentees at MUREF (Museo de la Revolucion en la Frontera). We conducted the Inheritance Process, and used the work created in the different groups to inform one another. Then, the youth, promoters and local artists came together to execute the mural. The style of the mural was defined by local sign painting, graffiti, and traditional and community muralism. Simultaneously, we conducted parallel workshops at Biblioteca Independiente Ma’Juana with youth aged 5-12.

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