Solo Walls and Productions

These are a series of small-scale murals done in a number of different locations, usually within a day.

nothing to hide

Bushwick, Brooklyn on Jefferson between Central and Evergreen, 2014: “Nothing to Hide”

Bite Back

BKLYNWILDLIFELOFT: 2014, as part of the “Zoo” Show.  Part of the “Pink Lips, Blue Balls: Reactions to Rape Culture” series.




Tijuana, Mexico, 2012: Slither and Sing.  Production on wall for children.


Chicano Park, San Diego, California 2012

Tijuana, Mexico, 2012

Washington DC, 2011 

Washington DC, 2011 at Ivy City

Miamia, Florida 2011 Anti-Gentrification Mural during Art Basil

Queens, New York at Welling Court, 2011