Education is Our Right!

This project was a commission for Park Slope Collegiate High School.

Artist: Mensen
Youth Artists: Edgar Bermejo, Napthali Watson, Alex Quezada, Julian Tiburcio, Ashlie Labarriere, Jawar Williams, Devon, Anastasia, Alejandro, Daniella Webster, Jadeen Jackson, Shauntia Boyd, Elonnie Pierre, Eddie Sosa, Rosa Torres, Laura Lazaro, Cory Ashley, and Phylicia Wong

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Through the use of peer-to-peer interviewing techniques and dialogue with experts such as the school principal, college counselor, New School professor Bill Gaskins and alumni Essence Rodriguez, the youth muralist team developed and investigated social and individual perspectives on access to higher education. We also discussed the history of access to American higher education, and reviewed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in order to understand the difference in ideology between education as a right vs. education as a privilege. Through collaborative drawing exercises, the youth muralist team  created a unique visual language based on game board design to describe the balance between strategy and circumstance to illustrate both the barriers of social inequity and the importance of community and determination. The design was based on a game-board metaphor developed by the youth, and anchored by portraits of participants as players considering the three main concerns brought up by youth (understanding the process of going to college, financial concern, and career decisions). Text directly from youth interviews are incorporated. We used a bright, dynamic composition to expand the space.

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